Knitted fabric

We cooperate with the knitting (P.P.H.U. Jakub Wendler), so we have influence on the quality of the product since its formation until the final product. Our fabrics have relevant certificates such as Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Safe for Children, IQ Cool Comfort Hunstman.

Each batch is analyzed in detail by modern laboratory, where we do the color and check all the technical characteristics of the fabric, according to your needs. Our laboratory is equipped with X-Rite spektofotometer. We also have a machine to do tests on friction, peeling according to the Matrindale method and a machine for testing the resistance to perspiration and persistence knit made by Technorama company. Our knitting is equipped with a wide range of knitting machines. We have 40 different types of knitting machines such as Pilotelli, Terot, and the latest machines - Orizio. We have dyeing machines of MCS and Scholl. We work on stabilizers Brueckner and Muzzi, raising machines Lafer Spa and Danti Paolo, compactors Lafer (one of the newest in Poland), and in widths Ferraro, Salvade tension free dryer.

We can be proud of Poland's first material in printed sublimation, which the composition comprises, on the inner side of the cotton, on the outer side of the poliester. As a result we reconcile the problem of clarity of sublimation printing with the convenience and comfort of wearing clothes.